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The Importance Of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Post-Surgery

Surgical procedures disrupt the body's lymphatic system, which can lead to a range of complications. Lymphatic drainage massages reduce the risk of complications, help promote healing . 

In this article, we explain the benefits of post-surgery massages, when to get them, and what procedures benefit most from lymphatic drainage massages. 

What Is The Lymphatic System & Why Does It Need Massaging post op surgery?

Your body’s lymph nodes carry white blood cells around the body to remove waste and circulate clean lymph fluid. This fluid carries cells that fight infections and helps maintain good blood circulation. 

The lymphatic system is important for the body’s recovery process and it can get damaged during surgical procedures such as cosmetic surgery and cancer surgeries. A lymphatic massage helps the lymphatic system to recover after surgical procedures. A lymphatic massage, unlike a traditional massage, focuses on improving the lymphatic system in the skin rather than on blood flow to muscles. 

Benefits Of Post-Surgery Lymphatic Massages

Post-surgical lymphatic massages help a patient in their healing journey post-surgery. 

They are used to:

Lymphatic drainage massages can benefit a range of reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. They are most commonly recommended for cosmetic surgery procedures such as tummy tucks, breast augmentation and liposuction. All of these procedures disrupt the skin’s lymphatic channels that are fundamental to recovery. New lymphatic channels take time to form and lymphatic massages speed this process up. 

What Are The Risks Post - surgery If You Don't Have A Lymphatic Massage?

Without lymphatic massages post-surgery, healing times can be slower and lymphedema can occur. 

Lymphedema  is a chronic condition whereby the lymphatic system gets damaged and causes the body's tissue to swell. Although surgery can sometimes be used to treat lymphedema , it can also stimulate it due to trauma to the lymphatic system. The alternative is decongestive lymphatic therapy, a non-invasive treatment and prevention method for lymphoedema. A large part of decongestive lymphatic therapy includes lymphatic drainage massage.

How To Obtain A Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

To reduce the rare but possible event of a blood clot, a manual lymphatic drainage massage should be carried out by a trained massage therapist. The therapist will treat the lymph nodes with slow, regular and low-pressure movements. The massage will cover more than just the affected area and possibly the whole lymphatic system throughout the body, to make sure all areas are drained properly. 

In addition, depending on how your recovery is progressing, you or someone assisting you may be able to carry out a simple form of lymphatic drainage massage at home if instructed correctly. 

A manual lymphatic drainage massage should start daily, reducing to 2-3 times a week as your recovery progresses. 

Which Procedures Benefit Most From Massages?

Lymphatic drainage massages help the recovery process of all invasive tissue surgeries.

  • Breast Surgery
  • Facelifts
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tucks

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